Hair Loss Treatment

a hair loss treatment hospital

Hair Loss Treatment Hospital


Our article about a hair loss treatment hospital features Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration, a state-of-the-art facility in midtown Manhattan, New York City, that is an international referral center for patients seeking the latest in hair restoration techniques. 남성헤어라인

The center offers men and women a wide range of services to address their concerns about thinning hair or baldness.

The center’s physicians specialize in diagnosing the cause of hair loss by completing a physical exam, asking for your family and personal health history, and running lab tests, including a scalp biopsy.

Treatments for hair loss may include medications (both topical and oral) to prevent further thinning or regrow existing hair, as well as hair transplantation, in which hair-bearing skin is taken from a “donor” site on the scalp and then placed on bald areas.


The reason for my lack of hair

The Reason For My Lack of Hair – A Dirty Scalp

The reason for my lack of hair: a dirty scalp


“The key to thicker-looking hair is focusing on the health of your scalp,” Yates says. Specifically, a clean scalp that’s not overloaded with oil or dandruff. This shampoo and conditioner set from premium brand Blu Atlas is formulated with saw palmetto, vegan biotin, and aloe to strengthen each individual hair strand and support healthy growth. And it’s nourishing, too, thanks to the help of coconut and avocado oils.